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Ponca City - Mar 9


Created in 1893 as "New Ponca" after the United States opened the Cherokee Outlet for European-American settlement during the Cherokee Strip land run, the site for Ponca City was selected for its proximity to the Arkansas River and the presence of a fresh water spring near the river.  Our tour includes a visit to the Marland Mansion, the mansion on the prairie, built by E. W. Marland, oil baron and one-time Governor of Oklahoma who dreamed of living in a palace. This magnificent mansion reflects the elegance of the affluent days of the oilman, who lived lavishly and entertained in the same style.  We also visit the Marland Grand Home, itself a lavish residence for the Marlands while the Mansion was being built.  Our tour includes lunch at the Marland Mansion and a visit to the Pioneer Woman Museum which preserves the legacy of women of all races, creeds, and nationalities who have contributed to the development of Oklahoma.

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