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Branson, Missouri: Oct 29-30


An exciting 2-day trip to Branson. 

The trip includes the Sight and Sound Theater presentation of "Jesus" bringing the Bible and its gospel to life right before your very eyes, this production gives amazing insight into the life of Jesus Christ. Follow him from his humble roots as the son of a carpenter to his 'rebel' status from the Pharisees. Along the way, he will perform miracles and prove naysayers wrong with the 'greatest rescue story of all time'! His prophetic words revolutionized the bustling streets of Jerusalem and beyond!  He will perform miracles from saving fishermen from the raging sea of Galilee to touching the lives of those who are most unexpected, bringing them to salvation through the word of God. Meet figures like Peter, Mary Magdalene, and Nicodemus as Jesus brings his teachings to the Holy Land. The ever-inspiring message of love, faith, acceptance, and salvation of this theatrical event will delight and inspirit each live audience member who witnesses its splendor.

Our first evening in Branson, our group will enjoy Dolly Parton's Stampede, one of Branson's most exciting dinner attractions including a rousing equestrian western show performed during our four course meal. Be sure to let your server know about any dietary preferences.

We will also visit the Hollywood Wax Museum on this trip.  Here, we can pose with pop culture icons and befriend our favorite stars for picture-perfect selfies using available costumes and props. We should gain a whole new perspective on the stars as we make our way through the sets and scenes learning about their pets, pet peeves, charity work, side businesses and more.

Please identify your roommate for this trip? Or enter NONE and a $48 single supplement charge will be made.

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